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V, rodent swallowing returning to TV

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If there is one image from 1980s television that is permanently scarred into my brain (for various reasons--some good, some bad), it has to be the hot alien from V: The Miniseries swallowing some sort of furry thing whole. V was a television event before there were television events--a must-see science-fiction extravaganza that had viewers glued to their TV sets and hiding under their covers.

It should be no surprise, then, that V is coming back to TV.

ABC is giving a makeover to the 1983 miniseries with the help of The 4400 cocreator Scott Peters, who will be executive producer and help pen the new V, according to Variety. So far there is no word on whether the new V will be a miniseries or a series.

The original V miniseries, which eventually paved the way for one season of a V series, was fairly ahead of its time in terms of scope and budget. The story followed every xenophobe's worst nightmare: Friendly human-like aliens arrive on Earth and feign interest in coexisting harmoniously, when in reality they are giant lizards who want to steal our water and destroy the population! Scary!

ABC's V will be set in the same universe, but its centerpiece will be a female Homeland Security agent who is dealing with her son's affinity for the scaly, fork-tongued visitors.

V will also be developed into a video game, as well as other multimedia platforms.

As a big fan of V, I'm cautiously optimistic about a remake. But as a witness to the beatdown that all these recent remakes have received, I'm also realistically bummed. What are your thoughts?

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