Vanessa Williams Is Red Hot in This Desperate Housewives Season 7 Promo Video

Wisteria Lane better be big enough for the five of them.

The Dexter cast re-counts the experience of filming Rita's death. And I'm still crying.

Lost's Nestor Carbonell is going to be on Wednesday's episode of Psych! I bet you're, well, you know.

Nathan Fillion told Kristin Dos Santos that Castle was going to jump the shark next season. What?

Let's all take a moment to re-live Ricky Gervais' "Bucky Gunts" moment at the Emmys.

On the next episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate takes her eight kids and six-inch heels out for some ice cream. How quaint.


... Normally I hate spoilers, but guess who might be returning to Mad Men?!?

... Here are some photos from the Glee Season 2 premiere. Squee!

... Here is a shot of Emmy winner Jane Lynch on iCarly. Double squee!

... And here are some images from the Bones Season 6 premiere! Temperance Brennan would probably not approve of the word squee, so I'll stop.

... The Emmys are thinking about removing all the mini-series and TV-movie awards from the telecast. As much as I loved seeing Al Pacino and learning about Temple Grandin, this is probably a good move.

... That (hilarious) fifteen-second cameo during the Emmys intro has made Kate Gosselin even more delusional than she already is. She now wants to try acting.

... Jason Sudeikis has not, in fact, seen January Jones naked. Score one for Betty Draper.

... If you're watching football on CBS you may hear the announcers say "the Five-O yard line". I hate cross-promotion.

... Live vicariously through entertainment photographers by looking at these post-Emmys party pictures.

... What did you think of Sandra Bullock's appearance on The Today Show this morning?

... Rolling Stone has managed to piss the TV world off again. Check out how badly they botched this new Mad Men cover.

... Google Street View is amazing. It can even take you on a tour of TV landmarks.

... Spike from Buffy is appearing in some new comics! Fang-tastic.

... io9 went back in time and dug up this 1970 interview with The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling.

... Now you can find out what Meghan McCain thinks of Sarah Palin.

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