VIDEO: Old Spice's Isaiah Mustafa Announces His Triumphant Return

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"Hello ladies. As well as men, mammal, beast, and the mighty sequoias of the redwood forest..." [via Reddit]

The Vampire Diaries finally returns on Thursday; this preview hints at what the denizens of Mystic Falls will be up to and involves both steamy sex scenes and disgusting wolf bites. [via Watch with Kristin]

It looks like we're going to be meeting "Evil Booth" this week on Bones. I wonder if he, too, wears a "Cocky" belt buckle. [via TVLine]

Here's a flashy (albeit low-quality) preview of Glee's post-Super Bowl episode. I'm pretty sure that's Artie singing the lead on "Thriller." [via THR]

If the promos for this weekend's Saturday Night Live are any indication, Jesse Eisenberg is going to be a very awkward host. [via TVTattle]

Last night on The Daily Show, James Franco told Jon Stewart about this one time where he received an Oscar nomination and then went to class afterward.

Once upon a time, Ricky Gervais was an 80s pop star. Here's a video of him and his old Senoa Dancing bandmate, Bill Macrae, performing "Bitter Heart." Would you have recognized him if no one had pointed him out? [via TVTattle]

Last night on Lopez Tonight, George and Vanessa Williams discussed her many current projects—which include RuPaul's Drag Race, Who Do You Think You Are?, and Desperate Housewives. They also managed to squeeze in a bit of salsa dancing and a chat about African safaris. All in eight minutes!

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