Video Preview: CBS' New Shows

CBS may not have as many new shows as the other networks, but that's what happens when there are fewer holes to fill. The Eye looks toward Fall 2010 with five new shows on its first-half roster, and we've got peeks at all of them. Take a look and let us know what interests you.

The Defenders

Genre: Light-Hearted Legal Drama
Notable Cast Members: James Belushi, Jerry O'Connell
It's Like... the world's top wizards got together and somehow created a potion that makes Jim Belushi kind of not annoying.
Time: Wednesdays, 10pm

Mike and Molly

Genre: Chuck Lorre Comedy
Notable Cast Members: Melissa McCarthy, that guy from those pizza commercials who looks like the fat captain from Wall-E
It's Like... The Biggest Loser with a laugh track.
Time: Mondays, 9:30pm

Hawaii Five-O

Genre: Tropical Action Drama
Notable Cast Members: Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Hawaii
It's NOT Like... Yo Daddy's Hawaii Five-O!!!
Time: Mondays, 10pm

$#*! My Dad Says

Genre: Twitter-Based Comedy
Notable Cast Members: William Shatner
It's Like... Someone thought it was a good idea to make a show based on someone's Twitter account when in reality that's a horrible idea.
Time: Thursdays, 8:30pm

Blue Bloods

Genre: Family Cop Drama
Notable Cast Members: Tom Selleck, Marky Mark's brother, Tom Selleck's mustache
It's Like... a network reverse version of The Sopranos.
Time: Fridays, 10pm

Which of these shows will you be watching?

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