Video Preview: Fox's New Shows for 2011-2012

Trailer time is always one of the best parts of the television year because it provides us with a first glimpse of the shows we'll be watching (or avoiding) in the fall. Fox doesn't have quite as many new shows to put into trailer form as NBC does, but it still has seven—three dramas and four comedies. Note: No trailers have been released for The X Factor or midseason entry Touch.


Terra Nova

What it's about: In the near future, the world becomes an uninhabitable disaster. To give mankind a second shot at life, some humans are sent back in time to rebuild society. But something else is already there: dinosaurs!

Our take: This show is from Steven Spielberg, which is either a good thing or a bad thing. It's going to have to be a huge hit to justify its budget, but as long as it has big guns, cool vehicles, and dinosaurs, we'll tune in.


What it's about: From producer J.J. Abrams, this mystery follows a detective and an expert on Alcatraz as they try to figure out why inmates and prison guards who disappeared decades ago have suddenly resurfaced in the present.

Our take: We already have our theories: Maybe they were abducted by aliens from a parallel universe and placed on an island in Purgatory! In other words: We're intrigued and ready for the ride.

The Finder

What it's about: This Bones spin-off centers on a man who has the ability to find just about anything or anyone.

Our take: We're not going to complain about more Bones.



New Girl

What it's about: A young woman (Zooey Deschanel) who's just gone through a bad breakup moves in with three guys.

Our take: Zooey is adorable and all, but so far all we see is a woman moping around and three guys who put up with her.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter

What it's about: After being picked on throughout their school lives for being nerds, two moms (Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran) vow to raise their daughters so they'll be popular. But in an ugly twist of fate, the two daughters end up behaving just like the girls that picked on the moms.

Our take: Katie Finneran's the real surprise here, and the twist makes this series stand out—albeit just a teeny bit—from a disappointing crop of comedies.

Allen Gregory

What it's about: Jonah Hill created and voiced this new animated entry into Fox's stable of cartoons. Allen Gregory is a boy genius who undergoes his greatest challenge yet: attending elementary school with normal kids.

Our take: One joke over and over. Unwatchable.

Napoleon Dynamite

What it's about: Based on the indie movie sensation, this cartoon follows the awkward Napoleon Dynamite and his unusual group of friends.

Our take: I have to be honest: I didn't really like the movie. But I think even fans of the movie will wonder why Fox is making a cartoon out of it.

Based on these trailers, which new Fox shows look good to you so far?


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