Video Preview: The CW's New Shows for 2011-2012

The CW's new shows for the upcoming fall season fall right in line with its target audience: young women. All three of the network's new scripted series are headlined by female stars: Britt Robertson, Rachel Bilson, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who finally returns to television. Don't forget to watch the clips from Remodeled and see if you can make sense of it, because we sure couldn't.

Note: Embeddable, internationally viewable versions of these clips aren't available in all cases; we've provided YouTube links wherever possible!

The Secret Circle

What it's about: A cute teen moves to Washington and discovers she's part of a coven of cute teen witches.

Our take: We've been anticipating this series as a companion to The Vampire Diaries, and it looks like it just might deliver.


What it's about: Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as a cute young woman on the run from the mob who takes over the identity of her wealthy (and equally cute) twin sister... who's also on the run from the mob.

Our take: This was being developed at CBS? We're not even sure this is CW material.

Hart of Dixie

What it's about: Rachel Bilson stars as a cute young doctor who inherits a medical practice in a small Southern town.

(Watch this video on YouTube)

Our take: The only thing we get from these clips is that the main character is a narrow-minded New Yorker who thinks she's better than everyone else. Surely this has to get better. Or not.


What it's about: Dude, we don't even know. Not cute. Viewers outside the US, you won't be able to watch these videos, but you're not missing anything. Actually you're rather fortunate.

Our take: Public Access called, it wants its show back.


What it's about: Celebrities come face-to-face with people who have dissed them and tell their side of the story in an effort to win the h8rs over.

Our take: Go Snooki! Go Kim! This could be a fun guilty pleasure, but we have two questions: What sort of drop off will there be with participating celebrities after the Snookster and Kim, and couldn't producers have at least tried to make this not look fake?

Seriously, what's up with Remodeled?


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