Video Round-up: The Best (And Worst) Jay Leno Impersonations

Over the last few days, as we watched David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson, and Jay Leno chime in on the whole late-night mess over at NBC, we didn't hear much from ABC pitchman Jimmy Kimmel. That's because he was busy planning the biggest stunt of all: performing an entire show as Leno.

Leno is an impressionist's dream. The protruding man-in-the-moon chin, the oft-repeated phrases ("you ever notice...?"), and the pubescent voice cracking are all perfectly exploitable. We gathered some good and not-so-good Leno impressions because... well, we didn't have a reason really, but here they are.

Jimmy Kimmel:

Jim Carrey:

Frank Caliendo:

Chris Elliot:

Judah Friedlander: (at very end)

Some weirdo who is horrible at it:

Heckle writer Tim Surette on Twitter: @TimAtTVDotCom

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Judah Friedlander and Frank Caliendo were the best of the bunch.... Jim Kimmel was painful to watch.
I have only seen Kimmels on a report on KTLA Los Angeles, Sam Rubin has been doing a great coving this issue
Jimmy Kimmels was just terrible, Frank Caliendo is the best out of the group

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