Video Sneak Peak: Gene Roddenberry's Hilarious, Post-Star Trek Pilots

No one can deny the immense effect that Star Trek has had on the worlds of science fiction, television, and pop culture. Another thing no one can deny: The popular show was slightly cheesy. Creator Gene Roddenberry continued to pursue television in the 1970s, and the results were every bit as ridiculous as you'd expect.

Roddenberry created a few television movies with the intent that they be turned into weekly series if they were hits. They were not.

In 1973, the TV movie Genesis II aired on ABC. The film told the tale of Dylan Hunt, a man who awakes from more than a century of suspended animation to a world in which war rages between two different civilizations. In 1974, another TV movie -- Planet Earth (pictured above), which also featured a protagonist named Dylan Hunt -- depicted a bleak future in which (*gulp*) women ruled the world. With women in charge, men were bought and sold like livestock (more like science-fact, am I right, guys?) for a little snu snu a la Futurama's "Amazon Women in the Mood."

Star Trek fans will no doubt love to get a look at these two movies, and now they can: Both flicks were released on DVD today by Warner Archive, a division of Warner Brothers. The DVDs can be purchased online at the Warner Brothers Web site.

Ready for a peek at the Trek-like sets and costumes? Check out the exclusive clips below!



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