VIDEO: Watch a 1994 Bryant Gumbel Struggle to Understand the Internet

What were you doing in January of 1994? Crawling out of the Northridge earthquake rubble? Telling John Bobbit jokes? Watching VHS footage of Nancy Kerrigan going, “Whyyyy?” Well, if you were Bryant Gumbel, you were loafing around on the Today Show couch, struggling with how to pronounce this weird-looking thing: @. (Here’s a hint, Katie Couric: “About” is not correct.) And besides, he wants to know, “What is the internet, anyway?” There’s something comforting in watching Gumbel proudly broadcast his ignorance of the technology that will ultimately render him obsolete. Great journalism, professional journalists! You’re just like cavemen discovering fire, except these cavemen are like, “I don’t get the big deal. So it just kinda crackles there?” The only person in that studio who seems to know anything about anything is the woman to his left, in the hideous belted power-tunic. Good thing they replaced her with Ann Curry! Wouldn’t want to disturb the durrrrr harmony.

[via Warming Glow]

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