VIDEO: Watch a Preview for Glee's "Thriller" Episode, Complete with a Katie Couric Cameo

Sneak a peek at Glee's upcoming post-Super Bowl episode—this promo includes Katie Couric interviewing Sue Sylvester! [via The Live Feed]

Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update anchors are not perfect. This blooper real features Amy Poehler snapping her pencil in half and Seth Meyers testing out some of his favorite jokes—to an unenthusiastic audience. [via The Live Feed]

Check out this apt TLC programming parody, featuring shows like "Uterus Cannon" and "Dwarf Hoarders." Sigh, too true. [via GawkerTV]

On Friday night, Justin Bieber visited The Tonight Show and promptly insulted Jay Leno's age. Zing!

The latest celebrity to visit Sesame Street? Heidi Klum. Here she is with Elmo, discussing the word "compliment." [via Jezebel]

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Feb 01, 2011
Cant wait for Glee!!! :D
Jan 31, 2011
Not that Thriller was original sung in a gritty edgy way, but from the clip above it sounds like Gleeification smooths out all those rough edges which made it such a joy - that probably made no sense whatsoever. Thinking back to Britney's Hit Me Baby song, and how ???? made certain she pronounced each and every single word oh so precisely, whereas the original flowed, Glee way kinda takes life out of it, like detinselling a Christmas tree. Probably just wrambling. :(

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