V's Second Season Isn't All Bad

Remember when Erica threw a blue energy bomb at Anna’s embryo stash at the end of V one series? In this week's second season opener--a throbbing, sweaty double bill on SyFy (Thursday, 10pm)--you’ll find out how a reptilian queen responds to a fatal attack on her eggs.

The sinister sounding Red Sky was dangled in the promo along with Anna’s sanguine pronouncement that, “The humans think they’re building their future… they’re digging their own graves.” You’ll have to wait a while to find out what this all means, but I can tell you that, now more than ever, Earthlings are leaving themselves wide open to a short, sharp extermination by the Vs. Because like all aliens intent on world domination, this lot have come bearing more than one genocidal plot. For every thwarted move, Anna pulls out a slick backup plan and a new slinky new outfit to match. Scheme adjustment and catwalk style come easily to fictional villains.

But I digress. V is about so much more (okay, a tiny bit more) than high-fashion extra terrestrials wooing humans every which way so as they can eventually kill them off. Deep down, it’s a clash of the alpha mums. (Hands up who thinks “V” stands for something other than “visitors”). Again and again, we’ve watched Anna and Erica use cunning, subterfuge and womanliness to secure a bright future for their children. They’re like the science fiction version of the nice middle class parents who go all badass when it comes to getting their kids into the right schools.

V may be irrepressibly on the nose, and a little bit stupid, but it hooked me with its mellifluous, posturing villainess and efficient comic-book plotting. And there have been some reasonably creepy moments, like when the various undercover Vs revealed themselves. But there was nothing unexpectedly horrifying. This season I'm hoping the writers spent less time polishing Anna’s malevolent speeches and more injecting terrifying twists. Last year, what scared me most were Visitors’ free hospitals for all humans. I thought maybe the show had been hijacked by the Tea Party to warn against the dangers of Obamacare (trust in the “healing centres” and you will die! Mwah ha ha ha ha).

So what I’d like from V this time around is something sufficiently terrifying to distract me from my own feeble conspiracy theories. Does this double bill deliver? Watch for the bit where Anna invites her captains onboard the mother ship for a catch up. You’ll have your answer.

Will you be watching?

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@zeddyp then the entirety of lost would be forfeit.
If they can just stay away from the stupid "soul" thing and the push of the catholic religion in a whole then this show can stay golden in my eyes.....Religion does not belong on television
A very huge YES!

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