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Walking Dead Casts its Lead Zombie Killer

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... AMC's upcoming zombie epic The Walking Dead has found its leading survivor, and it won't be Mark Pellegrino, Jonny Lee Miller, or Jamie Bamber, as rumors had it. No, our future favorite undead brain-basher will be... Andrew Lincoln? The UK actor has landed the coveted role as Rick Grimes in the adaptation of the zombie apocalypse graphic novel. I remember him as the lovable Egg from the awesome UK primetime soap This Life, but he's also been in Teachers and the film Love Actually. I really wanted to see Miller or Pellegrino in this role, but AMC could have done a lot worse than Lincoln. [THR]

... Remember that Veronica Mars movie that was bandied about after the show's cancellation? The one that's pretty much dead? Well, it's actually not dead, according to show creator Rob Thomas. Better hurry up, Rob, or Veronica will be lead detective at a nursing home. [EW]

... Gary Dourdan was let go from CSI after getting totally messed up on drugs and passing out in his car with a hippie's dream stash on him, but he's sober now and still knows how to party. Authorities were called to a house after a neighbor heard what sounded like domestic violence, and when police arrived and found Dourdan with a scratch on his neck, they pinned his ladyfriend for abuse. Turns out they were just doing it like two jackals in heat. Tee hee. [TMZ]

... Guess who is coming back to American Idol? Hide your impressionable children! [EW]

... Why hasn't Terry O'Quinn been nominated for an Emmy for his role as John Locke on Lost over the past few contests? Because he didn't want to be! O'Quinn has pulled his name from contention since winning the best supporting actor award in 2007, but he's ready to get back in the mix this year and will throw his name in the hat. One "insider" says he's now the frontrunner for the award. Apparently this insider hasn't seen Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) or Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. [LA Times]

... Fringe is heading into the ooooother diiiiimension sometime soon, and when they get there, they'll find Dirty Sexy Money's Seth Gabel. Gabel, who played Jeremy Darling in the ABC drama, will play a leader of the Fringe division from that other dimension. Kind of an alterna-alterna-Peter. [EW]

... TLC is reviving American Chopper! This one's for you, dude in the back with the leather jacket! [THR]

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