Wallace and Gromit Get Birthday Gift from Google

Britain's famous plasticine pair celebrate their 20th anniversary with a special gift from search giant Google.

Wallace, the absent-minded inventor, and his gifted dog Gromit first graced our screens in 1989 with their short film, A Grand Day Out, and since then their animated series has spawned two spin-off shows and a handful of feature-length episodes. Their Christmas special last year was considered a highlight on the BBC's winter schedule and they've proved so popular over the years that they're often described as icons of British culture. Cementing their prominent status, as they celebrate two decades of creation, Google -- the world's most visited website -- is now honouring their anniversary with a special doodle design on their homepage. This is big news. No, honestly, it is.

The Google Doodle design celebrates special events, such as the Olympics, national holidays and milestone birthdays and anniversaries but Wallace and Gromit, which is filmed entirely through timely stop motion clay animation, is one of the first British shows to be featured as a design on the search page. It follows in the footsteps of one of the world's most famous pacifists, Mahatma Gandhi, whose 140th birthday was celebrated by Google last month.

By clicking the design you will be taken to search results about the show, the first of which continues to celebrate its landmark anniversary, but to save you the trouble here are some clips from our favourite Wallace and Gromit moments:

Who knew penguins could be so scary:

Wallace falls in love:

We love their gadgets! If only they were real:

While the UK version of Google marks the anniversary of the famous animated series the American one is celebrating the 40th birthday of children's classic, Sesame Street. We're glad to see that the search giant appreciates good TV when it sees it. Bravo!

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