Warehouse 13: Claudia's Magic Metronome

Warehouse 13 S04E02: “An Evil Within”

That entire “Previously on Warehouse 13” intro didn’t bode well for Claudia, did it? I think she managed some vindication by episode’s end, however, despite Head Regent Adwin Kosan’s (I’m always delighted to see Faran Tahir show up on my TV) disapproval of STEVE JINKS’ RESURRECTION, BABY! Boy looks GOOD for a zombie, right?

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system and adequately braced myself for the unfortunate demise I’m sure Zombie Steve will reach by the end of the season, we can move on.

In Philadelphia, mobs of people were reportedly attacking random individuals after spotting angry tentacle monsters in those individuals’ places. Despite an apparently cold trail and Myka’s aversion to THAT word, she and Pete eventually tracked down Rob, a man who was mourning his fiancée, who'd been killed in a trampling incident at a sports event. Utilizing the key of H. P. Lovecraft, his targets were the people whom he felt contributed to his fiancée’s death: The guy who pushed her over, the woman who didn’t stop to help, and the jerk whose car was parked in the emergency lane, blocking the ambulance from reaching her. They saved the day, we were reminded of why it’s important not to be dicks as we go through our lives, and all was well.

Myka and Pete had a light week, but Claudia, who spent most of last week's Season 4 premiere trapped underground, had quite the emotional workout. This was ruthless “Mr. Knock Knock” Claudia in all her glory, sneaking into the morgue beneath the “Regent Chalet,” zapping guards, and generally just being a badass. Artie intercepted her before she had the chance to work the metronome’s zombie magic on Dead Steve and gave her the standard “We can’t use artifacts for whatever the hell we want” speech. She countered by asking, “If you could use an artifact to set something right...” and oh, Claudia, if you only knew how close to the mark you were. It paused Artie long enough for Jane Lattimer to crash the party and insist that the Regents were totally okay with Claudia resurrecting Steve.

Sure they are.

Whatever. I wanted Steve back just as badly as Miss Donovan. The girl needs some friends. Maybe if she was socialized more she wouldn’t melt into a puddle of psycho when things didn’t go her way. Just a thought.

Claudia brought Steve back and it was kind of anticlimactic, although I was braced for him to, like, reject her offer in the White Room or something. I mean, Steve did his duty, helped save the world, and there was that whole dead sister storyline to consider. If Warehouse 13 had opted to keep Steve dead with some sort of technical detail about the metronome only working if the corpse at hand WANTS to be brought back to life... I could have lived with it. While I’m thrilled to have H.G Wells, Mrs. Frederic, and now Zombie Steve back in rotation, I’m kind of torn because their deaths were pretty great and meaningful and blah blah blah I love a good TV death.

However, all was not well. Jane had acted in defiance of the Regents when she told Claudia that it was okay to resurrect Steve, and Adwin and the others were less than thrilled about the whole arrangement. He said that there were consequences to using artifacts and that without understanding the specifics of the metronome used to zombify Steve, they would have to watch him, always. Steve would be “alive” but he would never be free. He can never leave the influence of the warehouse and the regents, even if he ever decides that he wants to.

Except, of course, as Claudia put it, “If you decide you want to be a butterfly, we can always stop the metronome.”

Zombie Steve is a total goner. Mark my words: That pretty reanimated corpse will be worm food by the end of the season. But in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy having Aaron Ashmore back in this party.

The Regents weren’t the only ones to consider the possibly of Zombie Steve going after innocent brains—a surprise visit from a clueless Brother Adrian, with no recollection of their disastrous first meeting, sent Artie into panic mode about his decision to use the astrolabe. Brother Adrian was sent by the Vatican to track down the missing artifact and put in connection with Artie and his warehouse agents, the world’s experts on artifacts, and the man simply wouldn’t shut up about the evil that was unleashed upon the world. Yet when prodded for more details as to what this “evil” could be, he didn’t have much, just the confirmation that the last time such an evil was unleashed on the world, it did so as Maximilien Robespierre, of Reign of Terror fame. So, the evil CAN be an individual. That’s actually kind of helpful. However, Artie was adamant that he could NOT undo the timeline created by the astrolabe. Good luck with that, bro.

Additional Thoughts from the “Library of Crazy”

– I typically find Warehouse 13’s special effects to be pretty good for a TV show but this episode's were really awful. I’m chalking it up to the “monsters” being the byproduct of an artifact that works with dreams. I’m convinced that “budget cut” is the dirtiest word on Syfy Network.

– So, as I’ve mentioned a bazillion times before, while it’s awesome to have the gang back together, there’s certainly something to be mourned in losing all of those defining character moments/great sacrifices/deaths from last season’s finale. Now with Brother Adrian’s insistence that the only way to stop the evil associated with the astrolabe is to undo the changes made to the timeline, does anyone think Artie MIGHT actually have to undo everything?

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