Warehouse 13 "Endless Wonder" Review: Yo Adrian!

Warehouse 13 S04E07: “Endless Wonder”

A bunch of people taking the same heartburn prescription started literally coming apart at the seams and Claudia confronted Artie about those pesky black diamonds popping up all over the warehouse. After last week’s Labor Day hiatus, the warehouse team jumped right back into business as usual and the chronic idiocy that's been seemingly plaguing Pete’s character all season long may have inadvertently recruited a new regent in the form of pharma executive Deb Stanley.


I feel like the Brother Adrian storyline is so much more exciting than everything else that's going on, and after this week’s face-off between Adrian and Artie, the dullness of the weekly missions seems to be exacerbated. While Deb was interesting, initially giving off a bit of a Sally Stukowski vibe with her ruthless determination to learn the artifacts’ secrets, her “breakthrough” in putting all the pieces together and knocking on Leena’s door was almost entirely due to Pete being a moron during their one-night stand. I mean for goodness sake, he’s a SECRET SERVICE AGENT.

Pete’s sudden bumbling idiot status has come up quite often in discussion down in the comments the past few weeks. While Pete has always been the laid back side of the Myka/Pete Dynamic Duo, he’s still shown himself to be a capable, intelligent, thoughtful, and professional agent... until recently. While it’s true that Artie’s secrecy surrounding the astrolabe shouldn’t have gone on as long as it has, and that many of his peers have been inexplicably written “dumber” than usual to justify stringing along this storyline week in and week out, no one seems to suffer as much as Pete, who in this week's “Endless Wonder” served as little more than (annoying) comic relief. How many things did he randomly knock over and/or break during his random fits of previously unseen klutziness? What about his admittedly unintentional loose lips with Deb, based on having a “good feeling,” and since when does anyone ask Pete about his “good vibes” anyway?

At least we got some Regent action. If Faran Tahir could somehow be on my television ALL the time, that would be A-OK.

While Pete and Myka tracked down the bowl of Colossus that was turning all those unknowing foodies into unfortunate Stretch Armstrong stand-ins, Claudia and Zombie Jinks teamed up with Artie to take on Brother Adrian. Artie didn’t want them to because of that whole clause in the astrolabe user manual about how if he tells anyone what he did, that person would be in grave danger. If I were Artie I’d check on the specifics of that clause, since he hasn’t TECHNICALLY told anyone about how he saved the world, he mostly just listened to them spitball ideas until he peed his pants when they got too close to the truth. Technicalities are important.

Unsurprisingly, Yo Adrian was using an artifact to slip in and out of the warehouse undetected—the Threshold of Limentas. Paired with the recently stolen thimble of Harriet Tubman, which allows the user to take on any other person’s physical features, Adrian had quite a nifty warehouse B & E kit at his disposal. At least this week’s case of mistaken identity wasn’t as disastrous as Alice Leddell’s outing in “Fractures,” mostly because Claudia and her zombie BFF spotted the thimble on “Artie’s” finger before he had the chance to unleash any real chaos. While those two went after the Threshold, Artie and his evil twin had a little chat about the astrolabe. Artie tried to play the mortal peril card, pointing out that if he did go ahead and restore the original timeline, Brother Adrian would be dead. Adrian was okay with that. He was very zen about the natural order of things and all that blah blah. That’s probably how he got to be the leader of the pack and all.

Speaking of his pack, he’s part of a Brotherhood, right? Right. Doesn’t he have any help? If he’s been able to cause so much trouble at the warehouse all by himself, wouldn’t this whole assualt go a great deal faster if he had some backup? I’m just saying.

And then he got away. But hey, H.G Wells is back! She was off searching for the knife that haunts Artie’s dreams. Way to call it, you guys! Though she returned empty-handed, she did a lot of thinking during her time abroad, mostly about Artie’s actions in the warehouse back when Sykes was invading, and how he seemed to know every detail of their plight, right down to the bomb in Sykes’ wheelchair. It smacked of time-travel to her, and she would know. She also let Mrs. Frederic know because, well, time travel is kind of a big deal. Poor Artie needed a new pair of paints for about the third time this episode.

But, like I said, TECHNICALLY, Artie didn’t say anything. H.G. guessed well and Artie’s poker face sucked. What do you think, does that still count?

Additional Notes from the “Library of Crazy”

– We haven’t seen Pete’s Regent mom all season. Kate Mulgrew, where are you?

– As “SERIOUSLY?” as the whole Deb-Becomes-a-Regent-Because-Pete-is-a-Moron storyline was, I liked his admittance that “Artie does it a lot better” when it comes to the grand tour.

– “Science isn’t science until it is.” Fair point, Deb! Which brings us back to the old, “What IS an artifact” debate. Magic or science?

– With all the artifact details being teased this season (birth of an artifact, science vs. magic, practical use vs. abuse, Jinks and Claudia’s auras being mixed up) I’m wondering if we’ll eventually get that answer, but I’m not sure that I want it. What if it ends up being disappointing and lame, like The Force?

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