Warehouse 13: Laws of Motion

Warehouse 13 S04E04: “There’s Always a Downside”

It was the night of the awesome guest-stars on Warehouse 13 this week. Rene Auberjonois reclaimed his role as quirky ex-warehouse agent Hugo Miller and Being Human’s Sam Huntington made an appearance as Ethan, a trumpet player with an empathy problem.

Artie saved the world and Claudia saved Steve through their questionable use of artifacts, but for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I’ve noticed that lately there seems to be a teensy bit more of a willingness among the agents to use artifacts in day-to-day operations. It’s not a huge willingness, mind you, since they’re all still aware that every artifact has a downside to whatever positive result it might create. It’s practically Warehouse Rule #1, or maybe #3, after “You do not talk about Warehouse 13,” and “You DO NOT talk about Warehouse 13.” Even Artie and Claudia had their moments of consideration before using their respective artifacts. This week’s artifact-finding adventures seemed perfectly poised to remind our agents of that sacred warehouse rule.

After discovering that any hurt he receives manifests on Claudia as a result of their connection via the metronome, Zombie Jinks was a little apprehensive about working with his usual partner. Artie, endlessly jumpy about his visions of a homicidal Claudia, paired her with Pete to both assuage Zombie Steve’s fears and get an unbiased report as to her demeanor in the field. Jinks and Myka went after the mysterious PTSD-curing artifact while Pete and Claudia met up with Hugo Miller and his artifact-afflicted nephew. See, in their family, a complete and utter lack of common sense runs in the genes.

After some good old-fashioned detective work, both teams triumphed. It was nice to see the gang win an unabashed victory. So much of this season has been plagued with, well, downsides to every win. Pete and Claudia snagged the magical marbles of INTENSITY before some scorned teacher blew up the school and Myka and Steve talked feelings with Ethan, learning that he became a brilliant trumpet player by utilizing a family heirloom artifact—a cigarette case that enabled the user to “feel others’ pain.” The downside, of course, was that poor emo Ethan was feeling a little too much pain and it was killing him. After sucking down some of Zombie Jinks’ epic pain of the dead, Ethan decided to go back to being a mediocre musician, but hey, at least he got the cute bartender to notice him. There’s hope for his music career after all! I mean, there are whole albums dedicated to getting the girl.

Though unfortunately, Claudia felt the effects of Steve and Ethan sharing their feelings so it looks like their connection goes way deeper than any physical link. This is going to get messy, you guys. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, Artie and Brother Adrian had another lunch date where Brother Adrian argued in favor of using an artifact, the boot spur of an old west bounty hunter, to track the missing astrolabe. Artie tried every argument he had to dissuade Adrian. He pointed out that artifacts had downsides to their use; Brother Adrian countered that no downside was worse than the astrolabe’s downside. Artie said they needed to do more research; Brother Adrian slapped a thick folder of his own research down on the table. He was so pleased with himself, too. I’m really starting to like Brother Adrian, and the fact that we know that deep down beneath his dorky exterior is a ninja assassin just waiting for an excuse to stab somebody (Pete) makes him all the more awesome.

Additional Notes from the “Library of Crazy”

– So, any theories on what’s finally going to make Claudia snap? OR will she snap at all? What if Artie’s visions are just the “evil” from the astrolabe planting stuff in his head to make him distrust his team? Maybe? Possibly?

– Maybe Claudia already snapped and that’s why she’s suddenly doing more with her hair than slapping a random colored extension in it—though I love and miss the random colors. Maybe Claudia’s ponytail is like Spock’s beard.

– What do you think H.G. is up to? World domination? Probably world domination.

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