Warehouse 13 Looking Good for Renewal

... In the no-duh news department, Syfy is going to renew its number-one show Warehouse 13 for a fourth season (formal announcement coming soon). The slick mix of sci-fi, comedy, romance, and steampunk has been a major hit for the network since it debuted a few years back. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fans of USA Network's Suits and Necessary Roughness should rest easy. Well easy enough for someone who can live with the fact that they like Suits or Necessary Roughness. Just kidding! It was someone else who said those shows suck, not me! I know he looked like me and sounded just like me, but trust me, it wasn't me. Oh, on to the news part. The network's co-presidents said they'll both probably get renewed. [EW]

... **You are now humming the Game of Thrones theme song in your head** HBO's Game of Thrones has made another casting decision, bringing on British actress Gemma Whelan to play Theon Greyjoy's sister. In the books, she's named Asha, but producers think that name is too similar to wildling woman Osha, so they're changing her name to Yara, which is way unsexier and sounds like a budget automobile from Eastern Europe. Way to ruin my day, Game of Thrones producers. [EW]

... Summer Glau Summer Glau Summer Glau! The World Record holder for most nerdy stalkers will guest star on Syfy's Alphas, playing an Alpha with the superpower of getting shows canceled. She'll appear in the August 22 episode. Also dropping by Alphas will be Lindsay Wager, Garret Dillahunt, Brent Spiner, Alaina Huffman, Rebecca Mader, and Peter Wingfield. [Syfy via press release]

... Justin Bruening, who once starred in a show about a man and a talking car, will guest star in the CW's Ringer. Hunky Bruening will play a hunky suitor of hunky Sarah Michelle Gellar's Siobhan (she's the evil twin!) in the hunky, twisty thriller. [TV Line]

... Everyone loves John Corbett! Especially Parenthood! Corbett returns to the NBC drama to woo Lauren Graham's Sarah just as her new flame Mark also returns. You know what that means! Threesome! Or fistfight. Or both. [TV Line]

... Sony Pictures TV is dusting off an old project named Dead Lawyers, which is also the punchline to "What's the only good kind of lawyer?" The potential series, which was pitched around to networks eight years ago, is about a defense attorney who dies and goes to Hell: a law firm with other deceased jerk lawyers that helps right wrongs in the justice system to find redemption. Justified creator Graham Yost is on board to write and produce. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bravo has renewed The Real Housewives of Orange County, Top Chef Masters, and Million Dollar Listing LA, and picked up three other shows that I'll never watch. [Deadline Hollywood]

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