Warehouse 13 Renewed for Season 4

Warehouse 13 Syfy Renewed

... Is there something in the super-sized Irish Mochachinos today? Renewal-ocalypse 2011 continued with Syfy handing out a fourth-season order for its top-rated series Warehouse 13, which isn't a surprise. Season quatro will be run for 13 episodes. Also renewed today was USA's Suits, HBO's True Blood, and the next item in this story. [Deadline Hollywood]

... USA is granting a send-off season to In Plain Sight. The drama will be back for a fifth and final season consisting of eight episodes. USA spun this news as a celebratory renewal, but let's face it: It feels a lot more like a cancellation, doesn't it? It's kind of like a doctor telling a patient he has twelve months to live and handing him a party hat. [Deadline Hollywood]

... One of my favorite TV-makers, Bryan Fuller, is digging up an old project and shopping it at NBC. Fuller, creator of Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies, will try to adapt the classic sitcom The Munsters for the network, but his take will result in an "edgier, slightly darker hour-long show." Fuller previously attempted to adapt this last year, but NBC passed. Normally such news would make me vomit, but with Fuller in charge, it could be good. [TV Guide]

... Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle) is joining NBC's upcoming comedy Whitney as the mother of the titular star (Whitney Cummings). Jane (retyping her last name is too difficult) replaces Beverly D'Angelo, who appeared in the pilot. In other news, Kaczmarek should be available for new work in October because Whitney is HORRIBLE. Like, worst-thing-ever horrible. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bobby Cannavale, who you may know from Third Watch and Will & Grace but who I know from The Station Agent and Win Win because I'm an art-house snob, is joining Showtime's Nurse Jackie. He'll play a hospital administrator who shakes things up at All Saint's Hospital. [Showtime via press release]

... Ashton Kutcher isn't busy or rich enough, I guess. He's sold a DMV reality show to TruTV that follows workers at agency. Well, a bunch of cameras following their every move should really speed up those lines. [EW]

... Mr. Bowlcut himself, Demetri Martin, has sold an animation project to Fox about a family who works in the California Redwoods. Seriously, that's the description. A family that works in the Redwoods. Are they lumberjacks? Forest rangers? Picnic-basket thiefs? I don't know! Somewhere, Seth MacFarlane has a poster of Martin with a bullseye over his face. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Apparently The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont didn't voluntarily leave the show, he was fired! Drama! Read this article, it's awesome. [THR]

... Roseanne Barr is talking to 20th Century Fox TV about writing and starring in a new sitcom called Downwardly Mobile (no way that name sticks), about a blue-collar family struggling to get by in these tough economic times. Sounds hilarious! [Deadline Hollywood]

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