Warehouse 13 "The Ones You Love" Review: Another One Bites the Dust

Warehouse 13 S04E09: “The Ones You Love”

Way to call it, you guys! In the penultimate episode of the first half of Warehouse 13’s current season (after next week’s mid-season finale, the warehouse gang won’t be back until April), we finally learned the truth behind behind Brother Adrian’s seemingly unlimited access to the warehouse.

It was Artie all along.

Now, before we judge him too harshly, Warehouse 13 has made it very clear that Artie had, for all intents and purposes, experienced some sort of psychotic break after using the astrolabe to turn back time and save the day back in the Season 4 premiere. Artie hasn’t gone darkside, he just isn’t mentally home right now, and hasn’t been for apparently the entire season. But while it’s essential that we and Artie’s fellow agents understand that aspect of Artie’s current thought process, it doesn’t excuse the fact that Leena has apparently died as a result of his instability. It certainly isn’t going to make Artie feel any better when he inevitably comes back to himself.

Leena! We hardly knew you! That’s not even a joke. Despite Gennelle Williams being a main cast member from the very beginning of the series, the proprietor of the local bed and breakfast has largely remained a mysterious figure among the warehouse regulars. She had her occasional moments in the spotlight, particularly during the MacPherson storyline in Season 1, but unlike the detailed histories accompanying Artie, Claudia, Myka, Pete, and even Jinks, Leena’s past remains an unknown.

That didn’t make her demise any easier to witness. With her aura-reading abilities and various caretaker duties at the bed and breakfast, Leena’s fellow agents thought of her as a sort of mother figure. She took care of the details back home so that the others could run off and save the world every other week, and though we have never seen nor heard anything of Leena’s “real” family over the course of the series, it’s hard not to feel like she considered her peers at the warehouse to fill that vacuum nicely—and vice versa. “The Ones You Love” ended with a shot of Pete fruitlessly trying to contact Leena on her Farnsworth, the communicator laying uselessly just a few inches from her most likely dead body.

Ow. Warehouse 13 brings a lot of death scenes to television. Almost every warehouse affiliate has died, with most of them being resurrected eventually, and even though the Warehouse 13 death toll has grown to rival that of Misfits or Supernatural in recent seasons, Warehouse 13’s writing team still manages to make each and every one of them a powerful sucker punch, right to the gut. I can appreciate that. I love a good death scene.

But I also love Leena and while she makes a good candidate for a permanent warehouse death, a part of me kind of hopes she joins the ranks of dead warehouse personnel who eventually come back to life. Leena’s is the sort of demise that has the potential to change the very fabric of the series itself. On one hand, that screams, “YAY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!” but on the other hand, Artie will not take Leena’s death, or his role in it, lightly. If done right, this experience will permanently change Artie. But are we prepared for that level of darkness to take up permanent residence on Warehouse 13?

Or are we fairly certain that Leena will be alive and well by the end of this season? The root of all current warehouse troubles is time travel, after all.

“The Ones You Love” went a long way toward reinvesting us in the story arc for Season 4, with high stakes throughout the entire episode and the payoff with Brother Adrian’s real identity being a very good reveal, despite the fact that we all pretty much saw it coming. Can we just take a moment to bask in the glow of Saul Rubinek’s awesomeness? He acted the hell out of Artie’s final breakdown, when he realized that in fighting Brother Adrian, he had been battling himself all along... and lost. Whatever or whoever Artie currently is, it/he is absolutely chilling. You the man, Mr. Rubinek. You the man.

Additional Notes from the “Library of Crazy”

– So, Brother Adrian is real, but the evil Adrian who wreaked havoc on the warehouse all season long is just a figment of Artie’s imagination or some sentient “evil” unleashed by the astrolabe? What do you think? Is Artie just lost in his imagination or is he possessed by something?

– Should Jinks and Mrs. Frederic go on more sassy adventures together? (Yes.)

– Who else wants a pair of Claudia’s fabulous work goggles?

– I think Pete’s solo adventure with ex-wife Amanda was supposed to remind us that he’s actually an intelligent and accomplished Secret Service agent, but I thought the whole solution of transferring the tattoo artifact to the leather box that it came in because leather is technically skin was a little too “no duh,” to reverse an entire season's worth of being a dumbass. Not to mention the fact that it was Myka’s idea anyway. Nice effort, though, and “Tell them to name something after me... not a mall,” made me giggle.

– I couldn’t get into Myka and her sister’s artifact-driven brawl. I have to admit, though, that curly OR straight, I’m super jealous of Joanne Kelly’s hair.

– Where to next? Is Leena a goner for good?

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