Warehouse 13 "The Sky's the Limit" Review: Up Up and Away

Warehouse 13 S04E14: "The Sky's the Limit"

After a string of legitimately great episodes following the six-month mid-season hiatus, it was inevitable that Warehouse 13 would eventually hit a snag. The worst part about "The Sky's the Limit" is that I can't even specifically define the source of my apathy for the episode. I was generally bored by both artifact hunts. Dumb Pete made an unwelcome return ("I left some cookies in the glove compartment"? Really? What is he, five?). And the big cliffhanger from last week's awesome ode to noir ended up being resolved not with brainwashing or bronzing or any other Regent-y things that would have been exciting and that probably would've required the team to work together or something, but with a shrink brought in by the Regents to take care of Leena's bed and breakfast and talk about feelings and stuff... almost like a replacement Leena. 

It's been discussed in the comments here how it's hard to really miss Leena as a character when she was easily the most underdeveloped of the main warehouse gang as far as character history and motivation are concerned. I lamented that her loss sucked more when you consider how much unused potential she had, which makes the arrival of Abigail Chow a bit of an unwelcome one for me—especially since she's written to fill many of the roles Leena once did, right down to watering the frigging plants. 

If we must get to know a new character, at least make her new.

Also: sneak attack psychoanalysis? That's the best the Regents have? Disappointing. I almost would've rather had them get everyone together to organize an intervention. Actually, I would have totally rather had that. 

However, at least Artie decided to take Abigail up on her offer to talk it out and help him process what happened with the astrolabe—which is a total win and one of two big ones present in "The Sky's the Limit" (three if we're counting Claudia's amazing hat).

The other awesome aspect of a somewhat dull episode was the return of Polly Walker as Charlotte Dupres, who apparently had some sort of vendetta against... someone. She targeted Claudia for death or torture despite never having actually met her until orchestrating that run-in at the racetrack. Charlotte was also seen creeping around the warehouse itself and stating that she knew where "he" was, but who "he" is remains elusive. My first thought was the Count of St. Germain, but then why would he be in the warehouse, and more importantly, how? Is the "he" Artie, Pete, or Jinks? If so, why? Why target Claudia? WTF is happening? 

I'm so confused and it's so awesome. 

We've got six episodes left in Season 4, and the show still haven't given us much of an overarching plot for them. With that in mind, the return of Charlotte and possibly the Count is a welcome connection to the first episode of the second half of the season. Charlotte's return paired with Artie's progress in dealing with the astrolabe fallout make a solid foundation to build on for the next set of episodes, and maybe possibly Warehouse 13's final mini-season of six episodes as well... though that's kind of a depressing realization, that there are essentially just over ten episodes left of the entire series. Way to kill my Warehouse 13 buzz, Syfy, but thanks for giving everyone fair warning. At least we'll end, in theory, with a complete story.


– I like Monty. I wouldn't mind having him back in some small capacity.

– However, even though Monty can totally keep a secret, I question the decision to show him into the warehouse. I assumed there were protocols and security clearances and stuff. 

– Then again, Mrs. Frederic and Artie gave Abigail free reign in the stacks, so I guess we just show all the cool toys to anybody

– Dumb Pete. Ugh. I'm not saying the cookies line and the thing with the lei weren't funny, but why must Pete be reduced to a dumbass just to get the humor going?

– Just in case you forgot Pete is supposed to be a recovering alcoholic, here's a friendly reminder, "I remember that feeling. I was fuzzy for about twelve years." ACTUALLY, after not touching on the issue for so long that I actually forgot about it, it now seems like every other episode is making a point of having Pete remind us that he used to have a drinking problem, to the extent that I wonder if it isn't going to be a bigger deal later on. 

– STFU, Snooty Dude, Claudia Donovan is the most fashionable lady and her hat was the best hat. 

– What's Abigail's story and do we care? 

– What's Charlotte's deal? Why target Clauds?

– Warehouse 13's next season will be its last. Too soon or time to go? Personally, I'm bummed, but I'd rather the show end deliberately than leave us with a cliffhanger if it just wasn't renewed, you know?

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