Warren Buffett: Billionaire Investor as Cartoon Hero?

The billionaire investor Warren Buffett, known for his market savvy and sage investment advice, is reaching new heights in his career. He's now an animated character in The Secret Millionaire's Club, a new web series beginning this year or early next on AOL sites. The cartoon is intended to teach children basic investment principles in three to five minute episodes. "What better time to help educate our kids about financial responsibility," Buffett said, according to The Guardian.

Warren Buffett doesn't have the necessary Hannah Montana "kewl" factor, but could he be the next Ms Frizzle, the trusted elementary school teacher from The Magic School Bus? Buffett's name carries weight with adults, but the target audience for the web cartoon can't be expected to know the investor's credentials. Buffett can't count on attracting children, a group with whom he has little or no name recognition, so the Ms Frizzle method of learning by exploring might be the best way to hold young kid's attention.

The cartoon format of The Secret Millionaire's Club is appropriate for a younger crowd, but Buffett's financial advice is coveted worldwide. It wouldn't be surprising if adults tune in as well.

Check out the CNBC interview with Warren Buffett for a preview of the upcoming web series.

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