Watch 5 TV Actors' Commercial Breaks

Big TV stars don't usually take work doing commercials unless they're the centerpiece of an ad campaign or the spokesperson for a particular product. But for smaller stars trying to put food on the table, any gig that comes along is worth it.

Here are five ads featuring some of our favorite secondary players from some of our favorite shows. Some of these were made before the actors landed their big roles, and some were made after... probably so they could pay for their new hot tubs.

Chuck's Joshua Gomez

Product: Avis Where2

Breaking Bad's Matt L. Jones

Product: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Community's Danny Pudi

Product: T Mobile Blackberry

Better Off Ted's Malcolm Barrett

Product: AT&T;

Lost's Francois Chau

Product: Bud Light

I was stunned when I first saw Lost's mysterious Dr. Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang pitching Bud Light. Which actor were you most surprised to see?

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