Watch a Deleted Scene from Last Week's Parks and Rec

Didn't get enough Detlef Schrempf last week on Parks and Recreation? Here's a deleted scene from the "Telethon" episode.

Hey, look! It's Aziz Ansari again! He's hosting the MTV Movie awards. And trying to mack on Kristen Bell.

Jimmy Kimmel scores again—this time with Michael Bolton's School of Michael Bolton.


... Remember that awesome celebrity voice quiz thing we posted awhile back? Here's a whole website devoted to the topic.

... These ladies are the best TV girlfriends.

... Damn, Lost has had a lot of guest stars.

... And Hurley has said "Dude!" a lot.

... Thanks to Betty White's successful SNL stint, more campaigns for SNL hosts are popping up on facebook—and the crusade for Carol Burnett is a cause I can definitely get behind.

... All of these Lost props are going to be auctioned off. Get 'em while they're hot!

... Here's some sweet concept art for Futurama.

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All I want is a Dharma jumpsuit.
I don't find those videos extremely amusing.
Meh, slightly amusing
OMG thats just cheap to get more super old women to host, its gonna get old. go after some1 like CHUCK BARTOWSKI YAY!!!

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