Watch a First-Look Teaser for Kiefer Sutherland's New Sci-Fi Drama, Touch (VIDEO)

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One of the more interesting projects destined to appear on your television this midseason is Fox's Touch, starring Kiefer Sutherland. It hails from the creator (and ruiner) of Heroes, Tim Kring, and tiptoes around both sci-fi elements and spirituality themes.

Touch centers on the idea that everything in the universe is connected in some way. Sutherland plays the father of a mute boy who can predict the future through numbers and patterns. Lethal Weapon's Danny Glover also stars, as someone who is not too old for this shit, and you can expect to see favorite Titus Welliver (Lost, The Good Wife) at least in the pilot, according to this trailer.

Gut reaction: This seems like a show I'll really want to like but never will. The numbers and patterns thing has been done several times in film, with varying degrees of success (The Number 23 bad, Pi good). And after what Kring did to Heroes, he's on a short leash in my book. Sutherland is great, but this is going to have to be all kinds of exceptional in order to become a hit.

Does Touch grab you?

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