Watch a Head-Smashing Teaser for The Walking Dead's Second Season (VIDEO)

If you weren't covering your eyes during the intense Season 4 premiere of Breaking Bad, you may've already seen this first look at The Walking Dead's second season, which aired for the first time last night. If you haven't, I don't think it counts a spoiler to inform you that zombies will be killed.

That's Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, an Atlanta-area cop just trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse. But Rick looks a little different than he did in Season 1, when he was spending most of his time running from the undead. Here, he looks like he's hunting them... and enjoying it. And with bullets, machetes, and flamethrowers in short supply, he's forced to use a more natural weapon: the reliable rock. Or maybe it's a sponge—if you look closely you can see it give way to his middle finger at the 0:21 mark. Oops.

Without any context, this new footage amounts to nothing more than a tantalizing tease, a torturous glimpse at something we won't be able to feast our eyes on until October. Damn you, slow-moving calendar!

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