Watch a Preview for TLC's Latest Extremely Specific Special, High Stakes Sweepers (VIDEO)

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Did you know there is an entire subgroup of society that spends every waking hour entering sweepstakes and/or obsessing about the sweepstakes they’ve already entered? There is! They even have a name! “Sweepers,” they call themselves.

Is that an unusual way to live out one’s life? Possibly, but who are we to judge? There are many, many billions of people on earth, and many of them live with debilitating pathologies that manifest themselves in a myriad of strange and wonderful ways. This is something to celebrate! In fact, let’s give these people their own show. Call it High Stakes Sweepers, and have it follow an assortment of contest-aholics as they go about the business of filling out sweepstakes applications and waiting around in their tackily furnished apartments for a prize patrol van that never comes. That would make a very good show! I would definitely watch that show! It’s like a high-stakes Extreme Couponing!

High Stakes Sweepers airs this Sunday, August 14 at 10pm.

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