Watch a Preview of Glee's Rocky Horror Episode

Try not to pee yourself.

And take a tour of Brittany's bedroom with Heather Morris!

Conan is feelin' dangerous in his latest promo.

I am so glad that David Alan Grier is guest-starring on Bones tonight.

Here's an interview with Fringe's John Noble, a.k.a. the guy who was really snubbed at the Emmys. (At least Kyle Chandler got a nomination!)

Jon Stewart interviewed Condoleezza Rice last night. Whoa.

Kristen Wiig really likes Zach Galifianakis' beard.

Will Arnett is really pissed about Running Wilde's low ratings.


.. Here's the Simpson-ized version of House's Hugh Laurie.

... Wow. The VH1 Divas franchise is seriously going downhill.

... Courteney Cox is supposedly in love with her Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt.

... Glad to see that Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen has cleaned up her act.

... South Park hit quite a few targets last night.

... Amy Poehler is related to Benjamin Franklin, Stephen King, and Dick Cheney. Distantly, of course.

... New Yorkers might have to go without FOX for awhile. Let's all hope the Yankees lose, then!

... How many TV people can you spot on GQ's list of the Bald 100?

... Shouldn't the producers of The View have known that all of this crap was going to happen once they let Bill O'Reilly into the studio?

... Jimmy Fallon does a spot-on impression of Justin Bieber, don't you think?

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This episode of glee looked so weird I'm actually afraid to watch it
I Love me some Glee! Can not wait for the RHPS epi! Dammit Janet.

Bones is happily stored on my DVR and will keep me company as I fold laundry this weekend.
i want it now.. lol..
the whole Brittany-Artie sex was just wrong
Bones tonight looks hilarious.
Can't wait for Glee (:

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