Watch a Preview of Megan Mullally's Heralded Return to Parks and Recreation

Nick Offerman's real-life wife, Megan Mullally, returns to Parks and Recreation next week as Ron Swanson's ex-wife, Tammy. It's gonna be fantastic.

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and Justin Bieber traded bodies. Sort of.

BuzzSugar put together this compilation of all past Super Bowl ads containing celebrity cameos. How many TV stars can you spot in the mix? [via BuzzSugar]

Jersey Shore's Snooki has a crude explanation for why the ocean is salty. Watch and learn. [via The Live Feed]

Funny or Die nailed it with this parody—thanks to the Parents Television Council's outrage over MTV's Skins, it's more popular than ever!

Former SNL-er Dana Carvey visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night—and the two of them had more fun filming promo commercials than they did on the actual show.

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Oh yes, Ron Swanson and Tammy together is golden, it's gonna be awesome.
Indeed it was, spoontown. Get pumped.
Was that really Ron Swanson with corn rows? I can't play the video where I am at the moment but the picture on the main page seemed to suggest corn rows, awesomeness.

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