Watch a Preview of MTV's Skins Remake

MTV's Skins remake debuts on Monday, January 17 and stars James Newman, Rachel Thevenard, Eleanor Zichy, and a bunch of other pretty people I've never heard of. British readers: How do you think it will compare to the original?

Our old pal Snooki read the Late Show Top 10 list—and mocked her fellow Jersey Shore cast members—last night. Here are "The Top 10 Reasons to Buy the Snooki Book."

Come April 1, you're going to be seeing a lot more of Jamie Campbell Bower, Eva Green, and Joseph Fiennes. And capes and swords and stuff. Here's an extended preview of Camelot. [via TVTattle]

Sesame Street has created a fantastic parody of The Closer. Listen for Puppet Brenda Leigh's heel-clicking! [via TVTattle]

Watch Glee cover yet another rap song, but this time for Funny or Die: Here's Heather Morris, Cory Monteith, and Matthew Morrison doing "Ain't Nuthin' But a Glee Thang." (The video also includes a surprise Modern Family cameo. Enjoy!) [via Buzzsugar]

Last night on Conan, the redhead unveiled his Justice League alter ego. Ladies and gentlemen, behold The Flaming C.

Conan also interviewed Donald Glover, the second-most-swoon-worthy Community cast member.

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