Watch a Preview of Shonda Rhimes' Off the Map

Two words: Zach Gilford.

Last night, David Letterman interrogated Cher about her romantic conquests.

I get the feeling that Michael Cera could grow up to be Conan O'Brien. And that's a high compliment.

Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart went head-to-head yesterday on MSNBC.

Stephen Colbert has a better batting average than Quincy Jones when it comes to Grammy wins. Interesting.


... Tim Goodman wrote this article in favor of Slow TV... the day before Rubicon was canceled.

... Here are The Hollywood Reporter's reviews of two new Days of Our Lives retrospective books.

... Check out this preview of Gwenyth Paltrow killin' it on Glee!

... Why is Parks and Recreation still off the air? Executive producer Mike Schur has some answers.

... Comcast could turn NBC into CBS.

... Did The Simpsons predict 9/11? Some conspiracy theorists think so.

... Smallville has had some awesome guest stars over the years.

... According to TV Without Pity, these shows would be better if they had zombies in them.

... After watching this interview, it'll become pretty clear why Tracy Morgan is a divorced man.

... This morning on Today, Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb traded places.

... Here's a glimpse of Mad Men's Ken Cosgrove... digitized and in a video game trailer.

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Nov 17, 2010
I konw Off the Map is just Grey's in a jungle, but its Zach Gilford! I cant not watch.
Nov 13, 2010
I clicked on this thinking it said SHENAE Grimes.
Nov 13, 2010
I have to watch it. It has Zach Gilford and Wonderfalls girl in it. Blanking on her name...
Nov 12, 2010
Off The Map seems like Grey's Anatomy in a jungle:) Not sure if I will watch it.