Watch a Stunning Breaking Bad POV Montage (VIDEO)

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Breaking Bad's acting and writing get most of the credit for the show's success, but not too far behind is the series' underdog cinematography, which transforms the life of Walter White and the landscape of Albuquerque, New Mexico into works of art.

Part of what makes the show such a visual treat are the many point-of-view shots from inanimate objects. The directors of photography on Breaking Bad will stick a camera on or in almost everything, whether it be the end of a shovel, the back of a soda-fountain machine, or of course, the classic back-of-the-fridge-from-behind-the-old-jar-of-mayonnaise view. You can argue the artistic importance of each shot (was giving us a Roomba's eye view of the aftermath of Jesse's party really necessary?), but you can't deny that they look really cool. The series' directors of photography, Reynaldo Villalobos and Michael Slovis, deserve tons of credit (apologies if I missed someone else).

Thankfully, someone with more time on their hands than me took the time to compile these artful moments into one YouTube video.

What do you think? Are these types of shots worth the trouble? Do you have a favorite shot from Breaking Bad? I have to go with Don Eladio falling into the pool, which I previously remixed with the breaking of some "glass."

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