Watch a Trailer for AMC's Rubicon (And Tell Us What You Think)

With both Mad Men and Breaking Bad on its roster, AMC is the cable network du jour for critics and discerning television viewers who are sick of mainstream programs that coddle their audience. As a result, everything the network announces carries the burden of living up the network's profile, for better (The Walking Dead, we hope) or for worse (The Prisoner).

Enter AMC's newest project, Rubicon. Here's the premise: A man who works as an analyst believes his employers may be involved in pulling the strings that control all of the world's events. It's a conspiracy theorist's dream! The series stars James Badge Dale, who you last saw as Robert Leckie in HBO's The Pacific.

Here's the extended trailer:

My gut reaction is… "what?" Trailers are meant to do two things: give viewers a taste of what's in store, and leave them wanting more. I'm not sure this trailer did either. I really enjoyed Dale in The Pacific, so I'm hoping this show comes around—but I'm not feeling too good about it.

A special preview of Rubicon will air after this Sunday's Breaking Bad season finale, and we're expecting to have the full first episode streaming on next week.

Until then, what's your impression of Rubicon after watching the trailer?

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