Watch a Two-Minute Preview of Fox's Bob's Burgers

Fox aired some preview footage for its latest animated comedy on Thanksgiving—but for those who missed it, here it is.

The Situation filmed a workout video—and, of course, mistakes were made. Here's the blooper reel.

Taiwan's is "pissed" at Conan O'Brien for parodying its awesome animations.

Speaking of Conan, last night he got a lesson from fellow TBS late-nighter George Lopez on the rules of basic cable.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, author David Sedaris shared his opinion of the TSA pat-downs.

30 Rock's Judah Friedlander made some pretty ridiculous claims on The Daily Show last night. For example, he's actually over seven feet tall.


... Why hasn't Terriers gained any footing? The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman thinks it has to do with branding on television.

... Last night, Craig Ferguson met Arthur, a late-night talk show host from France who's also a big fan of The Late Late Show.

... Here are some preview clips for NBC's The Cape.

... Johns Hopkins University is now offering a course on The Wire.

... Jimmy Fallon just keeps raking in the accolades for Late Night.

... A few die-hard fans of The West Wing are trying to keep the show alive by tweeting from the characters' perspectives. Don't they know that the show is still going strong in Fringe's alternate universe?

... It turns out that Matt Lauer loves a good "That's what she said" joke. Here he is cracking himself up this morning on Today.

... io9's Charlie Jane Anders thinks the world needs more vampire slayers—just not another Buffy.

... Read the original script from The Simpsons' 100th episode—it contains more jokes!

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Dec 01, 2010
yaaa I just read an article on CBC about The Wire class. Looks fun!
Dec 01, 2010
I would love to take a course on The Wire!! That would be great.