Watch a Very Special Supercut of "Very Special Episodes" from the '80s and '90s (VIDEO)

I caught Alec Baldwin in a public service announcement on NBC the other day, and at the end of it, that familiar ‘90s catchphrase, “The More You Know,” splashed across the screen, followed by its glittering comet of enlightenment. To be honest, I don’t even remember what the wise, old Alec was teaching me. What stuck with me instead was the nostalgia it elicited for the PSAs of my youth. They were called “One to Grow On” back then, and primetime NBC stars from everything from Knight Rider to The A-Team to The Golden Girls would appear during breaks in our Saturday morning cartoons to teach us all how to be better human beings. And then there were the VSEs, or Very Special Episodes, dedicated to touchy subjects like drugs, drugs, and, uh, drugs. Oh, and teenage prostitution! (Fans of The Facts of Life know what I’m talking about.) Someone has compiled some of the best (and worst) of those VSEs in the supercut below. How many of these have you seen? Did the video miss any of your favorites? Will Gleeks 20 years from now think back fondly to the drinking-and-barfing or love-your-nose episodes? Let us know!

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