Watch an Unaired Sketch from This Weekend's Saturday Night Live

Too bad SNL didn't have time for "The Thanksgivies," because it's pretty darn funny.

Sarah Silverman relives her childhood in this Thanksgiving special she made for Funny or Die.

I love when Jake Gyllenhaal is promoting a new movie. It means we get to see him do silly things on late-night TV, like dance around in a yellow suit with Jimmy Fallon.

Babelgum has done it again: Here are a bunch of kids re-enacting Dancing with the Stars.

Here's a film noir-style trailer for last week's conspiracy theory episode of Community.


... The New York Post has been kind enough to round up the good, the bad, and the ugly performances from Sunday night's AMA's.

... Can you believe the "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of Dallas aired 30 years ago?

... Here's how Jimmy Fallon got Bruce Springsteen to sing "Whip My Hair" last Tuesday.

... Check out this adorable sneak peek of Community's upcoming claymation episode.

... Time makes a good point: Last week's episode of Community was rather reminiscent of Arrested Development.

... Mad Men's Rich Sommer kind of regrets tweeting that the show might not return for Season 5.

... I love that Oprah had to have paramedics on hand during this year's hysterical, frenzied "Favorite Things" giveaway show.

... Here's an interview with ex-RoboCop Peter Weller, who has been guest-starring all over the place recently.

... And in case you've been wondering, Donald Glover is okay with the fact that he's not going to play Spiderman.

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Wow, can't wait for the Community claymation episode, it looks awesome!
That SNL skit was pretty, pretty funny.
nice, thanks Stephanie
I didn't think that SNL sketch/skit was funny.
I just watched the SNL from the other night (with Anne Hathaway who was pretty funny...and hot as always) - and I'm wondering why they couldn't have made room for that sketch...that is easily one of the funniest/most well done sketches I've seen on SNL in at least 5 years. They could have dropped that crap "Penelope the 1-upper" sketch and the fake commercial and made plenty of room. Good call guys...good call.

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