Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Leno Talk About Pot

Who knew the Governator was so... liberal?

Here's a preview of Michael J. Fox's appearance on tonight's episode of The Good Wife. Can't wait!

And here's a preview of Futurama's upcoming holiday episode. Here comes Santa... with a machine gun.

Jimmy Fallon jumped on the vampire bandwagon last night. Check out his new series, "Suckers."

Tom Selleck and his mustache graced the set of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night.

The Futon Critic hung out with the cast of Royal Pains at the Paley Center last night.

If you're wondering how you might dress like a character from $#*! My Dad Says, you're in luck.


... Don Draper is totally the new LOLCats.

... Conan O'Brien is now the face of American Express!

... This is what all the other late-night hosts had to say about the debut of Conan last night.

... Conan has some very creative fans.

... I cannot wait to see Teri Hatcher on Smallville this Friday.

... Shame on the Parents' Television Council for thinking that kids haven't already heard these 18 dirty words before they started watching TV.

... How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders posed for Maxim.

... Late Night with Jimmy Fallon now has a mobile phone app.

... Here's the pop-up video version of the Darren Criss Glee preview we posted yesterday.

... I bet all those kids that bullied Glee's Chris Colfer are eating their words now.

... You know you want to read this profile of NCIS's Michael Weatherly.

... Now that Supernanny Jo is stepping down from her post, TV Without Pity thinks one of these celebs should replace her.

... Antoine Dodson visited Lopez Tonight last night. With straight hair!

... Check out the kindergarten versions of the Glee characters. Cute!

... Here is a list of 15 amusing things about Tracy Morgan.

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Nov 12, 2010
So the PTC has a problem with people saying the word crap but not with people using racial slurs?????
Nov 09, 2010
I cannot wait to see Teri Hatcher on Smallville this Friday also and Arnold on Jay Leno was entertaining!!!!
Nov 09, 2010
Something about hearing "preview of Futurama", and that this isn't 2003, is really awesome.

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