Watch Billy Crystal and Jon Stewart Discuss the Perils of Twitter (VIDEO)

Last night, in an effort to promote an upcoming Funny or Die video, Billy Crystal made his first guest appearance on The Daily Show since November 2008 and spun a nostalgic yarn about Rob Reiner's directing Meg Ryan for her orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Fast-forward to 2011: Crystal opened a Twitter account yesterday. Following the likes of fellow middle-aged comic legends such as Steve Martin, Howard Stern, and Jon Lovitz (who apparently is having trouble getting verified), the dearly-missed Oscar host admitted to Jon Stewart just how much anxiety he was suffering over what his first tweet should be. (It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.)

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, not-so-missed Oscar host James Franco and Fallon continued to lead the way for the boyishly handsome industry with the show's first-ever game of Audience Skeeball. Fallon won.

On a less cutesy note, Jesse Ventura argued with Piers Morgan over 9/11 having resulted from an intentionally negligent and war-hungry White House. "We knew it was going to happen," the former Minnesota Governor told the CNN host. "They allowed it to happen to further their agenda in the Middle East and go to these wars."

"You don't honestly think Dick Cheney knew it was going to happen?" Morgan asked. Actually...yeah. When it comes to cover-ups, political or otherwise, I'd buy into a former WWF wrestler's take on the situation.

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