Watch Conan's Performance at Google

Conan O'Brien visited the Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. yesterday. I'm jealous.


Introducing Hollywood's hottest new movement:

... Betcha didn't know that these characters were cyborgs.

... Jimmy Kimmel is now on Twitter! Ben Affleck must not be far behind.

... Here's a rundown of the shows that we've said goodbye to over the last year. Tear.

... This interview with Community's Danny Pudi will probably make you love him even more than you already do.

... And you'll probably want to be best friends with Modern Family's Ty Burrell after reading this interview.

... Speaking of Modern Family, the show should totally steal more storylines like these from The Brady Bunch.

... And speaking of family in general, these TV moms are the worst. Count your blessings.

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Love Conan, he's one of the good guys. Can't wait to check out Firefly!
Love the Joss Whedon video. That was wonderful and also very accurate. Joss Whedon doesn't suck!
Thanks for the great links. Loved the interviews, and the worst moms article has it pretty much right (except for June Cleaver).
I'm not going to miss any of those shows, I never watched any of them.

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