Watch Conan's "Show Zero"

Can you handle the excitement? Less than a week 'til Conan premieres!

Kathy Griffin crashed Paris Hilton's Halloween party. Good for her!

Sophia Bush does not get enough credit for being charming. Look at her go!


... Four TV shows have invented four new games to help you waste more time!

... Check out The Hollywood Reporter's sexy new look.

... FOX kinda screwed up their World Series coverage this year... but at least the Giants won!

... Sons of Anarchy is going to have appisodes! Welcome to the 21st century!

... Rest in peace, Charlie O'Donnell. We'll miss you on Wheel of Fortune.

... I can't believe President Obama did an interview with Ryan Seacrest. REALLY?!?

... According to AdAge, you are what you watch.

... I wish Gilda Radner could have been alive for last night's "Women of SNL" special.

... Now you can buy your very own pair of star-spangled pants, just like Stephen Colbert.

... Why are most game show hosts Republicans?

... Here's an interview with the awesomely awesome Amy Ryan, who's all over In Treatment and The Office this season.

... Don't you wish television had done more justice to these sci-fi and fantasy books, a la The Walking Dead?

... Here's a peek at the DVD extras from the new Doctor Who box set.

... This might be the worst opening of a local newscast, ever.

... The Situation doesn't think it's misogynistic to call a woman a grenade. It's a wonder he's still single!

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Nov 04, 2010
It looks like Conan's new show will be very much like his old show. But at least he has Andy.
Nov 02, 2010
The Situation must have thought misogynistic meant cool.
Nov 02, 2010
go conan!

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