Watch David Letterman and Jake Gyllenhaal Discuss the Art of the Sex Scene

Sometimes Dave can be such a creepy old man.

Last night on Conan, Russell Brand discussed... the Queen's boobs.

Anne Hathaway is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Here are her promos with Bill Hader.

Jay-Z is just so cool. There's no other way to say it. Here he is on The Daily Show last night.

As you might expect, that Taiwanese TV news channel has animated the Prince William-Kate Middleton engagement story.

Jimmy Kimmel got a few celebrities together to answer phones yesterday for his National UnFriend Day proceedings.


... Jon Hamm made an appearance on Sunday's season finale of Childrens Hospital, further underscoring the fact that he is the perfect man.

... Here's a closer look at Abed's lady charts from last week's Community.

... These exclusive images from HBO's upcoming Game of Thrones ought to get you irrationally pumped for the show.

... Point for the internet: Someone made a mashup of the Katy Perry and Glee versions of "Teenage Dream."

... Max Adler, who plays the bully Dave Karofsky on Glee, has filmed an "It Gets Better" PSA.

... In the spirit of November Sweeps, TV Guide has put together a gallery of TV's cheapest stunts.

... Here's a podcast featuring Robert Kirkman, the creator of the Walking Dead comic books.

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Letterman thinks he's still 25. Someone needs to tell him he's wandering into "dirty old man" territory more and more these days.
Am I the only one who doesn't understand the purpose of the cheapest stunts article...?
Letterman is amazing:)
Jay Z is an a-hole
Those pics from Game of Thrones looks so good!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

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