Watch David Letterman and Kathy Griffin React to the Bristol Palin-Levi Johnston Engagement

Dave took the classy road.

Kathy did not.

Last night at the ESPYs, Steve Carell and Paul Rudd mocked LeBron's ESPN "Decision" special.

Also at the ESPYs, Will Ferrell mimicked a vuvuzela.

This trailer for Syfy's new show, Sharktopus, is going to haunt my dreams. I'm serious.

Jon Hamm and James Franco are starring in a movie together? Okay, my dreams are all better now.

This is a video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt traveling down 53rd Street in New York in a giant plastic bubble.


... Diablo Cody has her own online talk show—and Adam Brody was her first guest. I miss that guy.

... In case you missed it, here's Whoopi Goldberg's little freak-out on The View. She was responding to some bloggers who thought she was defending Mel Gibson and things got... intense.

... Aw, USA Network love! White Collar's Matt Bomer interviewed Covert Affairs' Piper Perabo.

... Speaking of The Former House of Monk, here's a step-by-step guide to making a USA Network show.

... So, I had no idea that FX was making a show called Terriers, but here's the trailer, anyway.

... And check out the first full cast photo for AMC's The Walking Dead! So epic!

... Of course Jerry Seinfeld threw in his two cents about George Steinbrenner's death, probably because The Media asked him to.

... How do you find the perfect reality star?

... Craig Ferguson and his wife are having a baby!

... Here are some of the greatest profanities ever uttered on live TV. NSFW, duh.

... Man, some weird stuff happened last night on late-night TV. Martha Stewart made a penis joke on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman invited a bizarre performance artist to do her thing.

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hahaha I love Paul Rudd, he's awesome! Will Ferrell in such a nut, he's awesome too.
Congrats to Craig and his wife!!
wow dont put that horrible sharktopus trailer on all the stories today. IT SUCKS.
The mocking of Lebron was quite lame..
I like the guide for making a USA show. Whatever, it's working.
oh Kathy Griffin

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