Watch Elton John's Terrible SNL Promos (VIDEO)

Zach Galifianakis’s recent hosting turn on SNL provided disappointing-verging-on-unwatchable results, but boy oh boy were his promos good! Maybe too good, even, as we’ll all find out a little under nine months from now, when a rash of babies is born suffering from Inflated-Expectations Syndrome. Well, here we have the exact opposite problem. Elton John is both hosting and performing on this week’s show—the first to do so since Taylor Swift in 2009 (god, Wikipedia, you have no life and I love you for it)—and these promos STINK! Boy, are they bad! Elton’s eyes are puffy and tired and staring off somewhere just left of the camera, and then the Benny Hill theme music plays and he chases Jason Sudeikis around the set. Yeeps. Let’s hunker down and hope for the best, which at this point would be a surprise duet with Rebecca Black. (That would also be the worst, but we’re living in a post-post-ironic world. Deal with it.)

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