Watch Extended Trailers for Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, and Emily Owens, M.D. (VIDEO)

New shows mean new trailers! Now that you've seen the short teases released last month, it's time to dip into some lengthier looks at a trio of new shows headed to The CW's schedule next fall. Today the network released videos for Arrow, the superhero saga that might fill the void left by Smallville; Emily Owens, M.D., a lighthearted medical dramedy starring Mamie Gummer; and Beauty and the Beast, TV's latest take on the classic tale.

First up, Arrow!

I've heard that this is good, but... I ain't feeling it. It just looks like more of what we've seen already: Superhero Origin Story No. 1,257 on a CW budget. Plus I've never really dug The Green Arrow as a viable character for his own show. But because Arrow is The CW's most high-profile new series, the network is going to push this one hard.

And on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Emily Owens, M.D., featuring the guy who last played The Green Arrow.

I think I'm the only person who thinks this series actually looks like it might be okay! Not that it won't be predictable, but I dig the high-school dynamic grafted onto adult life. This is one of those shows that no one expects anything from, so it could surprise people... or be exactly what they think it will be. It can only go up!

And we've saved the meh-st for last, here's Beauty and the Beast!

I mean, come on.

I'll be posting previews of these three shows (yes, even Beauty and the Beast), and all the other pilots of the 2012-2013 season, later this summer. Stay tuned!

Are you looking forward to any or all of the three shows trailer'd above?

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