Watch Fox's Theatrical Terra Nova Trailer (VIDEO)

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When you head to your local cineplex this weekend to see X-Men: First Class for the first time or Fast Five for the thirteenth time (you should really reconsider your taste in movies), you may also get a peek at one of this fall's highest-profile TV shows. Fox is unspooling a theatrical trailer for Terra Nova, a.k.a. Jurassic Park 4: This Time It's Back in Time, which will probably run just as the tallest guy in the theater sits down in front of you.

There's a bit of new footage in the trailer (watch it below), plus some tried-and-true effects to spruce it up for movie-going audiences; looking at it from a distance, there's no way to tell the show apart from a summer blockbuster.

USA Network is also showing trailers for some of its programs in movie theaters this summer, in what appears to be a growing trend of promoting the small screen on the big screen. I'm all for this, because let's face it: TV is on the up-and-up and gaining on its big-budget counterpart. The medium absolutely deserves film-quality trailers in movie theaters.

Do you want to see more TV trailers when you sit down with your over-buttered and overpriced popcorn? Or would you prefer to keep the small screen and the big screen separate?

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