Watch Jon Stewart's Own Supercut of His Many Daily Show Impressions (VIDEO)

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Good god, is there anything less productive than watching a war unfold between Jon Stewart and the staff of Fox News? It’s like watching Oscar Wilde go tete-a-tete with a field of mean-spirited cows: “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.” “Mooooooooo.” Nevertheless, the less-than-congenial back-and-forthing that’s followed Stewart’s visit several weeks ago to Chris Wallace’s Fox talk show—during which he called the host “insane” and named Wallace's viewers cable’s “most misinformed” audience—has produced a series of highly entertaining Daily Show segments.

In the most recent example, Stewart responds to Fox’s latest claim, hammered ad nauseam across every show on the network: That he’s a racist. (And a “liberal”—a word Fox's many personalities love to spit out as if it were synonymous with “child-molesting party clown.”) Fox's apparent proof? Stewart's impression of Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain, whom Stewart imitated recently, perhaps a little too well. Stewart responded with a supercut of every impression in his vast arsenal of ridiculously over-the-top and stereotyped voices. The point is clear: No one is safe from his cartoonish satire. More importantly, however, it’s just plain funny.

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