Watch Jonah Hill's Chubby-Cheeked SNL Promos (VIDEO)

Jonah Hill has had quite a year. First, he got skinny. Then he got nominated for an Oscar! What is even happening around here? The guy from Superbad is an Oscar-nominee. I guess Mo’nique really shattered that people-who-really-shouldn’t-be-nominated-for-an-Oscar-actually-getting-nominated-for-an-Oscar glass ceiling far more effectively than we initially believed. Well, if you’ve been having a hard time adapting to “smart, serious” Jonah Hill, you’re in luck. For starters, his new movie, 21 Jump Street, is currently coasting at a 100% Tomatometer score—and it looks totally dumb! Hooray for funny, dumb comedies. Secondly, Hill is getting fat again. I’m not even sure how he accomplished that so quickly. Wasn’t he just skinny at the Oscars? But he’s definitely looking a little heavy-in-the-cheek in these Saturday Night Live promos, and that’s just how we like him. How’s that expression go again? Fat is funny, thin is grim? So enjoy these promos, in which Hill is paired with National Treasure™ Bill Hader, and we’ll see you here Monday morning to discuss this weekend's big show.

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