Watch Josh Brolin's SNL Promos, Meet his Goatee, "Reggie" (VIDEO)

So I was talking to Price yesterday about your varying opinions regarding last week's Sofia Vegara-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, and I'm starting to wonder if, like religion and politics, the quality of the show at any given time should officially be considered one of those off-limits topics for first-impression-reliant situations like cocktail parties where you don't know anyone and first dates? Like, holy geez, people get so up in arms about it! I mean, like most "fans" of SNL, I'm totally guilty of complaining about how a lot of the sketches run too long and the writers sometimes waste good hosts. However: It cannot be denied that, in at least one sense, SNL is a national treasure. And it is still capable of achieving greatness!

Consider, for example, the following promos for this weekend's show, to be hosted by Josh Brolin with musical guest Gotye (of Glee-approved "Somebody That I Used to Know" fame). I honestly have no idea if you'll agree with me, but I think they are very funny! For one thing, Brolin and Fred Armisen make for a delightfully wacky pairing. Also there's wordplay, a discussion about the friendliness of their facial hair, and a bit that reminds of YouTube prankster Jack Vale's ongoing series of "Paranoid" pranks. Enjoy!

What's your verdict? Will you be tuning in this weekend?

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