Watch Justin Timberlake's SNL Season Finale Promos (VIDEO)

There’s just one more new Saturday Night Live this season, to be hosted by Justin Timberlake—making it his fourth official time. Timberlake has emerged as an unlikely SNL all-star over the years. His musical collaborations with Andy Samberg, like the Emmy-winning (no joke) “Dick in a Box” and “Mother Lovers,” for example, are winners, as are his "Bring it on down to..." costumed restaurant characters. Here we have the promos for this weekend’s show, which not surprisingly pairs him again with Andy, the Oates to JT's Hall.

In the first promo, Andy tries to kiss Justin, who pushes him away. (This is direct from the “when in doubt, have two guys kissing” playbook of lazy comedy.) The second has both guys talking to their “twin sisters,” who are just them in bad wigs. The third, which has an air of Wayne and Garth to it, sees them freaking out about a ghost puppet, for a really long time. The result is a cross between funny and dumb, which I shall dub "fumby." I hope the show is even fumbier!

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May 21, 2011
Yuck, I'll pass.
May 19, 2011
So tired of this location restriction BS! I understand you don't want stuff seen by markets outside of the US such as the UK etc. but I am in Canada! you know, North America, right above you, same timezone, I receive and pay for NBC up here you monkeys!

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