Watch "Neil Young" Sing the Double Rainbow Song

For some reason Jimmy Fallon's impression is not getting old.

Neil Patrick Harris paid TV's Craig Ferguson a visit on Friday.

Here's what the Glee folks have to say about the upcoming Britney episode!

Rachel Zoe literally needs to buy a thesaurus.


... I guess Mad Men doesn't really have to do with ads anymore.

... Here's an interview with Mad Men bombshell Christina Hendricks.

... This link will make your head explode, if you like/are amused by "Stuff White People Like."

... Even though Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Emmys and Craig Ferguson is hosting Shark Week, the two are still friends.

... There will be a gay weddingo n Modern Family... eventually.

... Buffy's Amber Benson thinks the Syfy channel ripped her off.

... It's TCA season, and you know what that means: More interviews with big stars who have new shows to promote. Here's a profile of Matthew Perry, an interview with Maura Tierney, a conversation with Dana Delany, and a chat with Scott Patterson (that makes me extremely giddy).

... Yep, here's Snooki's mugshot.

... Here's who the cast of The Office thinks should replace Steve Carell after he leaves.

... Some important Simpsons milestones were supposed to happen this year.

... TV Without Pity made this list of the biggest reality show schmucks.

... What if Law and Order were a sci-fi-show?

... Jazz up your desk with this awesome Doctor Who cube art.

... Meet Derek, the pianist who cannot see or tell his hands apart.

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Aug 03, 2010
Heh pretty good, does not get boring at all.
Aug 03, 2010
I'm guessing that eventual gay wedding won't be in Texas...
Aug 03, 2010
Craig and Neil together are awesome.
Mar 04, 2012
YES! They have amazing chemistry and the interviews are always fun, relaxed and hilarious.
Aug 02, 2010
Poor Amber Benson i would watch her version over syfy's anyday. The doctor who cut outs are really cute. i just made the tardis!

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