Watch Ringer's Amazingly Bad Boat Scene (VIDEO)

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Ringer Boat Scene

Season premieres started just last night, and already I think we have a winner for Worst Scene of the Fall Season. It comes courtesy of Ringer, The CW's tale of identical twins (one rich, one a former junkie stripper, of course) with secrets upon secrets upon secrets starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Our own Louis Peitzman offered his his impressions of the pilot right here, but if you really want a visual representation of just how incredible this show is, you need not look further than the video below.

Here's the set up: Bridget (the recovering druggie stripper) goes to visit Siobhan (the one with the expensive sunglasses) because she's witnessed a murder and is on the run from the mob. Then the two get on a boat. Okay, you're all caught up. Enjoy.

I first got to see Ringer's pilot a couple months ago, courtesy of an advance press screener. Usually these screeners feature temporary visual effects that are cleaned up in time for broadcast. This scene looked so bad on the screener, even knowing the effects were temporary, that I was sure someone would spend a few days in front of a computer working on it. No one did. And for that, I thank The CW.

Personally, I really enjoy imagining the production assistants who were forced to move the boat up and down and splash buckets of water across the bow while SMG stood in front of a fan. Gotta love the "How long was I out for?" line, too. I'm actually surprised Tommy Wiseau didn't jump out and say, "Oh, hi Bridget!" at some point. (That's a The Room reference, people.) This is too brilliant for words, I'm going to watch the video again. And again.

Ringer airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

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